About Joyal

Joyal Products, Incorporated

P.O. Box 1187 – Linden, New Jersey 07036 – USA
908-486-6100 – FAX 908-486-6013 – E-Mail: [email protected]

Joyal Products Incorporated was founded in 1947 to produce small hand held soldering and welding devices. Through the years Joyal® developed specialized machinery mainly in the wire joining and resistance welding areas.

Joyal is located at:
   P.O. Box 1187
   Linden, New Jersey 07036-0002
   United States of America
   Voice Telephone: – 908-486-6100
   Facsimile (telephone): – 908-486-6013
   E-Mail: – [email protected]
   URL: – www.joyal.com

Joyal manufactures Spot Welding, Projection Welding, and Butt Welding machinery and controls, as well as other Resistance Welding equipment. Joyal also builds specialized equipment and controls as detailed below.

Joyal produces machinery for manufacturing induction as well as universal and D.C. electric motors. This equipment includes:
Commutator Slotting machines;
Commutator Slitting machines;
Commutator Lead Connecting machines;
Commutator Undercutting machines;
Commutator Fusing machines;
 Commutator Brazing machines.

Joyal also produces equipment that terminates or joins magnet wire to itself, as well as another wire or terminal without prior removal of the magnet wire’s film insulation. The insulation is removed automatically during the fusing process which normally takes less than 0.128 of a second. Equipment is also available for joining bare wire.

Joyal also produces specialized machinery for welding electrical contacts, building capacitors, assembling gas surge suppressers, manufacturing batteries, as well as supplying welding equipment that is used in many other industries.

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