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Adobe Acrobat format documents that might be of interest:

Ohms Law is used extensively for welding and fusing calculations. This handy Ohms Law chart is supplied to assist with the calculations.

Production Chart – This handy chart will provide a cross reference of parts per minute, hour, day week month and year, as well as the number of seconds it takes to produce a part.

Magnet Wire Dimension Chart – This chart provides dimensions in the Inch and Metric Systems for American Wire Gauge, Metric and the British SWG measurement systems. Dimensions for bare and coated magnet are provided as well as area dimensions in Circular Mils, Square Mils, Square Inches, Square Millimeters and Square Centimeters. Cross references between American Wire Gauge, Metric and the British SWG measurement systems are also provided.

Roman Numeral Translation Table – Rules for Roman Numeral creation as well as a translation chart from Roman Numerals to Arabic Numerals (Arabic Numerals are the type used in western languages), for numbers 1 to 2105.

Standard Industrial Brazing Alloy Chart of standard industrial alloys that are used for brazing most ferrous and non-ferrous metals, showing alloy composition as well as Solidus Temperatures and Liquidus Temperatures.

Pressure Conversion Table – A chart for converting physical pressures from Pounds per Square Inch (PSI) to various recognized international units, from 0.0010 PSI to 5,000 PSI.

Properties Of Common Metals & Alloys – A chart which lists certain physical properties of the most common metal elements as well as three common alloys.

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The MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) Page where MSDS are available for materials that Joyal offers, and for which these sheets are required. These MSDS are in the Adobe Arcobat format. You must use an Adobe Acrobat reader to view this data. Acrobat readers are available from Adobe’s WWW Site for the following computers: DOS;   Windows; Macintosh ;  UNIX. These is a down-loadable link for these readers on the MSDS page.